(Employees News blog) another name for struggle and renunciation.

Worker is the section of our society on which the whole country economic progress rests. He is the most perfect example of human labour. It is the axis of all kinds of activities. Even in today’s mechanical era, its importance has not diminished. The Worker sells his labour, in return he receives Minimum Wages. He is living on a daily wage basis. (Employees News blog)

When IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Limited) Demanded Surjeet Shyamal as “Equal Pay for Equal Work” Terminate from job. Whereas he was awarded the Best Employee Award for Best Service by CMD, IRCTC. After this, he did not give up and filed PIL (Public Interest Litigation No. W.P. © 2175/2014) in Delhi High Court to implement “Equal Pay for Equal Work” for Contract Workers of the entire country.

After this, he encountered many kinds of problems. In order to withdraw that PIL, there was a threat to kill him and the whole family was tortured at the behest of the government. But despite enduring everything, he did not compromise on his recoveries. They say that if some people got together, they got lessons from some people. Well, even then, he started organizing workers again, and started Straggle to get the rights of the workers who were neglected by the IRCTC.

Mr. Shyamal gradually started giving information about Labour Laws along with rights to his fellow workers. Whose response was quite good. The workers working in different departments of the country gradually become associated with them. He engaged himself day and night with his colleagues and took information about the worker’s entitlements and left no stone unturned to make it available to the workers. After which the order of PIL has come in 2017.

The Delhi High Court, in the order of their PIL, justified the demand of the contract workers and issued a directive to the Deputy Labor Commissioner Central to investigate and implement the case on the application of IRCCT workers within 3 months. Along with this, the central government increased the minimum salary of the contract worker under the central government by 42 percent after the intervention of the court, in the whole country. Which was for more than 20 lakh + Contract Workers of the country.

Not only this, Surjeet has assembled contract workers / unions of more than 30+ different departments in NCT of Delhi. After which the “Joint Action Committee against Contract System” was formed by him. The Delhi government increased the minimum wages of the workers of Delhi by 39 percent, due to the demand and pressure of the struggle of said joint forum of employees.

They found that despite their being such a big issue, many did not even get the news in the media except a few. So, that the news of their movement or salary increase can reach people. If a journalist brother wanted to raise our voice, then his boss would call the senior officer and our voice would be suppressed. In this situation, this blog “Worker Voice” of ours proved very useful for our colleagues.

Right now he is fighting against the injustice done to him and writes blogs to make the poor laboures aware. He provides not only the issues and problems related to laboures/ workers, but also about every issue and related information in hindi through his blog. Right now, millions of workers not only read his blog but he is also getting benefits from it. He has not yet taken up another job and chose a thorny path of struggle. His renunciation and struggle are praise of the clan. Indicating a major change in the future.

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